Panda Feta Cheese - 500g

14.5 LE

Enjoy the exquisite taste of the Panda Feta Cheese by adding it to various delicacies. It is made up of curdled and acidified raw milk. The curd cheese is brined and pickled for improving its shelf life and texture. This variety of cheese has a soft and creamy texture that crumbles into pieces easily. It can be easily paired with salsa, eggs, black beans and cilantro for enhanced taste.
  • Brined and pickled variety offers an improved shelf life and texture
  • Produced by adding curding and acidifying raw soft milk
  • Enhances the taste and texture of your salad, dessert or other delicacy
  • Suitable for pairing with a variety of food items like salsa, eggs, black beans and cilantro

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